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Mandate list for gold dore bare seller

  • where to buy Gold bars, gold dust and gold nuggets

    Nov 16, 2017· We are local gold mining company with a large scale of miners to supply gold worldwide in large quantity. We are ROY - FOREST miners and direct supplier of Raw Alluvial Gold Dust, Gold Nuggets and Gold Bars and Rough Diamond From the DRC Congo and Cameroon., main house is here in Esseka Cameroon, we mine and sell gold, diamond, coltan, mercury gemstones and other precious


    1.Seller agrees to issue Full Corporate Offer (FCO) with banking coordinates and contract number to end Buyer, valid for 5 days. 2. Buyer or Buyers Mandate agrees to sign and seal FCO as acceptance of terms and conditions submit Draft Sales and Purchase Contract for Sellers approval or amendments if any and submit signed and sealed IMFPA

  • Shop by Category eBay

    Shop by department, purchase cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, cameras, baby items, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace

  • A Gold General Trading FZC

    May 07, 2021· A GOLD does not pay any fee or sign any NCNDA with any Intermediary, Broker or whatever they want to call themselves for a referral to a Seller, and we highly recommend that your legal team secure any commission for your services to be agreed between you and the Seller with an Intermediary Master Fee Protection Agreement executed between you

  • Gold Buyer Mandate - WordPress

    Gold. Gold is a chemical element with symbol Au (from Latin: aurum) and atomic number 79. In its purest form, it is a bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable and ductile metal. Chemically, gold is a transition metal and a group 11 element. It is one of the least reactive chemical elements, and is solid.

  • How to avoid being caught in a common gold scam -

    Mar 20, 2012· Typically these offers to sell gold dust or gold Dore bars come from some dealer located in Kenya, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Republic of Mali, Senegal and Ivory Coast. An example of


    The Seller has at his free disposal GOLD in the form of Dore Gold Bars, hereinafter referred to as Raw Gold, which he is prepared to sell to the Buyer for refining. The Buyer is entitled and willing to engage in a FOB TRANSACTION BUYING of Dore Bars into Sellers Country purchase on


    Jun 20, 2011· 1 GOLD SALE/PURCHASE CONTRACT THIS LOAN AGREEMENT (this "Agreement") dated this 20th day of June, 2011 BETWEEN: Green Earth Partners, LLC and HK Asia Pacific International, Ltd Whereas, the Seller is in the business of mining and refining gold ("Gold"); Whereas, the Buyer wishes to purchase Gold Dore bars; Whereas, the Seller represents that it will try to the

  • Buyers Importers of gold, Buy Requirements Trade Leads of

    We are looking for Gold Dore Bars minimum 92%. Kilogram bars to 100KGS X 60 months with R&E. We need on company letterhead FCO to move .. United States. 14-May-2021. [To Buy] Gold Dore Bars. Dear Sir, We want unlimited amounts of Gold Dore Bars on a CIF. basis only.

  • The cost of SAs illegal gold trade - Moneyweb

    Jun 21, 2019· Most of this illegal gold is exported in the form of doré bars, which are a semi-pure alloy of gold and silver. SA reported no doré exports between 2007 and

  • EagleTraders provides leads on precious metals for you

    14 December 2015. Wanted: *seeking seller(s) of gold bullion (au)! wanted real experienced source having gold (au) available for sale now! "i" have two experienced, capable, world renown *buyers of gold (au).. they will purchase: gold bullion, dore bars, gold dust, gold nuggets and gold over five (5) years old.. any quantity! they are ready, willing and able (rwa) to conduct business! however

  • Gold : Wholesale Buyers & Importers go4WorldBusiness

    Please provide a quotation to the following requirement from importer - Product Name: Long Grain Basmati Gold Rice Specifications : High-quality Colour: Golden Quality: Pure Silky Sortex Clean Broken: 5% Max Packaging Terms : 5,10 Kg Bag Quantity Required : 10 Metric Ton/Metric Tons Shipping Terms : CIF Destination Port : Port Of Antwerp, Belgium Payment Terms : Bank Transfer Looking for

  • Rawr Korea: Buying Silver and Gold in South Korea

    Jan 25, 2019· We, Gold Bullion Limited with UK Company Registration N0:09157857 are the end seller of Gold Bullion Bar,Gold Dore Bar,Gold Dust,petroleum products and Rough Diamond in small and large quantities. We are searching for customers /representatives who can help us establish a medium of getting to our customers all over the world.

  • 15 Best Real Estate Prospecting Letter Templates for 2021

    Mar 16, 2020· For this article, we pulled together 15 of the best real estate prospecting letters on the internet today. Feel free to copy, edit, and send them to your farm area. Pro Tip: Manage your prospects contact information with an easy-to-use CRM like Pipedrive. With Pipedrive you can create visual pipelines for your prospects to nurture new leads

  • Gold Buyers & Importers in UAE

    Ortite Investment Cc. Mandate supplier for Gold , diamonds , mercury and Copper. If you do need any supply of the above mention in large quantities then contact me +264852141588 (WhatsApp). Tags: UAE Diamonds Buyers UAE Gold Buyers.

  • Gold Buyers, Buying Leads, Gold Importers - EC21

    Gold Buyers Find 544 gold buying leads from 544 gold global buyers at EC21 Choose gold global buyers, importers, wholesalers and distributors - EC21 SEND ME YOURS FCOs I am buyer mandate. Gold Dore Bars,Nugets 9 Oct, 2017. We need to buy copper, gold bars, CIF . Just experienced end seller

  • Gold Buyers & Importers in China

    Gold Group. We are a Chinese State company, and we're looking for copper cancentrate in all global, contact to me please. My tele 03171773456, email [email protected] Contact to me. Tags: China Copper Buyers China Industrial Supplies Buyers. China.

  • Real Gold Dealers on LinkedIn Zen Gold

    May 15, 2019· Ive gone through on previous posts specifying why certain types of gold deals from sellers or offers from buyers just wont work, to help you narrow down the field. Todays post is to specifically hone in on ways to ascertain if a specific buyer or seller on LinkedIn (not that these rules dont apply elsewhere too) is the real deal and Im sure Ill

  • SITRA certification - Corpzo

    Hallmarking is a way of preserving the buyers' interest. BIS Hallmark is a device that lets you assess the pureness of the country's gold and silver gems. It is a certification issued by India's national quality organization Bureau of Indian Standards (BI. Read More

  • Wilhelmina Ford.goldand diamond mandate

    Gold price it varies day to day .goldprice you will see the price on this site. Note: After Wilhelmina Ford validation, buyers financial capacity how you can pay then Wilhelmina will know which seller available stock for the buyer could secure gold supply for his business. FORM: Gold Bar Dore. Bar size available 1,000grams on each bar

  • genuine gold sellers in Africa Green Gold Mining Company

    Jan 29, 2016· SKYPE: gold.diamonds.metals. Phone: +233 268 603 581. Twitter: @greengoldmining. Uncategorized African gold sellers, alluvial gold dust for sale, au gold dust for sale, Buy Gold Bullion, buy gold dust, dore bars for sale, genuine gold sellers, genuine gold sellers in Africa, gold bars sellers in Turkey.

  • Dore Suppliers & Exporters - TradeFord

    Mbalangi Local Gold Miners is an indigenous mining company operating in Cameroon. It is mainly focused on mining and exportation of gold and rough diamond. It was formed in 1996 as a family business, which comprised by t. Type: Exporter Country: Cameroon. Approved Gold Dore Bar, Nuggets, Dust And Rough Uncut Diamond.

  • Make Money Selling Gold: SOFT LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) FOR GOLD

    May 26, 2009· The company vets Gold Sellers and Gold Buyers in the beginning stages of a gold transaction. In most cases, we already have approved Gold Sellers. D.R.E.A.M.S. also consults with potential American Gold Investors to aid with

  • The FTC Funeral Rule FTC Consumer Information

    The FTC Funeral Rule. The Funeral Rule, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), makes it possible for you to choose only those goods and services you want or need and to pay only for those you select, whether you are making arrangements when a death occurs or in advance. The Rule allows you to compare prices among funeral homes, and


    Mr. Miss , I am connected directly to gold buyers. Most of the buyers I speak with prefer to have the gold in US or Europe. For Hong Kong, I have four buyers. For the buyers, I have to: 1. See that the offer is real (I have to speak immediately with seller mandate after examining the offer ) 2.


    · The Seller shall pay the Consultants Fees simultaneously with payment to the Sellers Mandate & Buyers Mandate for each transaction. : Peter : 10:04. : Bullion Gold. 7: Peter 2009 12 25 8:40. For your information we have buyers for gold bullion ..gold dore and rough diamond


    2. WHEREAS the Seller is the owner of a concession of land for the mining of Gold and other precious minerals situated in the western Region of the Republic of Ghana from which he has a large resource of Gold. 3. WHEREAS the Seller has for sale gold in Dore bars referred to as Product or gold in dore


    GOLD - We have a gold ( AU) for Sale Seller/Buyers for mandates only. Please read procedures for Mandate ONLY. We are a Gateway to 2 Mints in N. America For all people requesting REO lists, we at the Mandate Center are letting you know that we are no longer able to produce the list in 24 hours as the banks we deal with have become

  • commodities AKERBLOMS INC.

    AKERBLOMS INC., has through reliable gold miners / owners mandate to trade un-refined Gold Dore. We Sell to world renowned gold refineries. We buy from with Miners / Sellers that will provide the following documents:

  • We are looking for true, genuine seller of gold and rough

    Dear Sir / Madam we are looking for true, genuine seller of gold and rough diamonds Rough Diamond we have one of the largest buyers of rough diamonds in the world , able to buy a many carats per month ! Gold the buyer is a major refinery in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and other European countries has the ability to buy any quantity. LBMA LICENSE Swisse Procedure Only Many Thanks your time !!!

  • We have Gold Dust Gold Dore Bare , Gold Nuggets and

    mine and sell gold, diamond, coltan, mercury gemstones and other precious metals and stones , below is our price list We have gold dust Gold dore bare , Gold Nuggets and Diamond , we offer Gold Dust.. 19.500usd Per Kg Gold dore bars..25,500usd per/kg Gold

  • Gold Procedure - LinkedIn

    Aug 27, 2014· NEW FED AND WORLD GOLD COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL PROCEDURE: 1. The Seller or his Mandate issues a full corporate offer. All AU metal offers must show the Sellers coordinates clearly. 2. Only the

  • Full Corporate Offer on precious metals by EagleTraders

    The gold must be in a recognised world bullion bank (safekeeping receipt,asset guarantee certificate) 2. The Buyer/Buyer's Mandate submits a letter of intent/LOI (RWA/RWAD) and a contract. 3. The Seller/Seller's Mandate responds with the signed and sealed contract with full banking coordinates, and an invitation for the Buyer's bullion officer

  • What are the legal requirements and procedures to sell gold

    The gold is situated outside South Africa. The buyer mandate is in SA but the end buyer is outside SA. The gold is in Dore Bars. The gold is from a mine in Ghana. The buyer has been verified and are willing to purchase on their own account and just pay commission. The seller is outside South Africa with the mandate holder in SA


    2. WHEREAS the Seller is the owner of a concession of land for the mining of Gold and other precious minerals situated in the western Region of the Republic of Ghana from which he has a large resource of Gold. 3. WHEREAS the Seller has for sale gold in Dore bars referred to as Product or gold in dore

  • Gold Sales and Purchase Agreement

    The Buyer is in the business of buying, refining, storing, selling and investing in Gold and other Precious Metals and confirms and warrants that it has full financial and legal capability to purchase all offered Gold, at the price and terms stated herein and guarantees that payment of the Gold, shall be free and clear of any criminal or terrorist

  • DECLARATION AND CLEARANCE Inspection Procedures Gold

    May 17, 2021· Inspection Procedures - Gold. Finance. Persons To Contact. Customs Duty Credit Account - CDR. Standing Guarantee Account - SG. Seaport Automation System - SAS. Refund. Account Payable. Registration and Licensing.

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